Field Day 2020

I joined other members of the WØVFW club for this year’s field day activity. It was held at club president, Pat Schneweis’s (KCØZRY) home where he had ample space and antennas for making contacts.

W0VFW Field Day


I really didn’t prepare any project for this year and mostly participated for the fellowship and food.  And, I must say, the food prepared by Pat was excellent this year.  BBQ ribs and pulled pork.

This is my third field day and I’m learning that just as important as making HF contacts is the food and fellowship. 

Fortunately, much of the activity took place indoors where it was air conditioned and much cooler than outdoors.

We operated with the club call-sign WØVFW and designater 3DKS.  Even though I was not working real hard at making contacts, I did make a few on 2 meters, 6 meters, and 20 meters.  I have yet to get the report as to how many stations all operators worked, but I’d venture to say the most active was Coy (WØZWS).  I did logging for him for a period of time and I could hardly keep up with his contacts.  A real pro at contesting.


It was particularly interesting to watch Coy (WØZWS) and Meg (KWØMEG) work together.  Both are blind hams and Coy made the calls while Meg logged them using a braille typewriter. Together they worked about 31 stations.