Local Repeaters

repeaterAn amateur radio repeater receives a weak or low-level radio signal and retransmits it at a higher level or higher power, so that the signal can cover longer distances without degradation.

Repeaters make it possible for our line-of-sight 2 meter radio signals to reach much further than the usual simplex contact. Indeed across the state from north to south and east to west.

  • K-Link is a network of 33 linked FM analog repeaters in the Amateur Radio Service that provide coverage across most of the state of Kansas and southeast Nebraska.
  • KAN-OKla Intertie System is a series of repeaters connected together to pass information along the Kansas-Oklahoma state line as well as north and south from Oklahoma city to Great Bend

Local Repeater Listing

Frequency Offset PL Location Sponsor Contact
146.9400 -600 103.5 Wichita Tech-Ni-Chat ARC KCØKCL
146.8500 -600 103.5 Derby WARC
146.7900 -600 Wichita WARC
145.2700 -600 Wichita VFW Post 3115
146.7150 -600 100.0 Mulvane Mulvane ARC NØKTA
146.6700 -600 Hutchinson ERCRC
147.0300 +600 Salina CKARC
147.0900 +600 Marion MCARC
147.105 +600 Haysville KAØRT KAØRT
147.1200 +600 Hutchinson RCKARA
147.1500 +600 El Dorado Flint Hills ARC
147.2400 +600 Wellington WAØZFE WAØZFE
147.3300 +600 McPherson McPherson ARC
443.3250 +5 Wichita VFW Post 3115
443.5500 +5 Mulvane Mulvane ARC NØKTA
444.0000 +5 Wichita Tech-Ni-Chat ARC

Repeaters are not limited to just our local area either. They are plentiful across the country. You’ll want to learn how to program your radio with repeater frequencies, offsets, and PL tones before your travel so you can reach out everywhere you go.

  • RepeaterBook – This is a comprehensive repeater database compiled by the amateur radio community. Search the site and find repeaters in your area or the area you are traveling to.

Here’s a good video explaining basic repeater theory & operations and demonstrates the whole process of tuning your radio for repeater use.