Sedgwick Co. AmRRon 2 Meter Net

Every Saturday @ 9:00 p.m.
Simplex Frequency 146.420 Mhz

All licensed radio operators are invited to check in and join the conversation.

Unlicensed Operators Can Check in on Channel 3 on FRS, MURS and CB Radio

Our main focus is emergency preparedness and emergency communications, but other topics may also be covered.

  • Staying informed helps you make smart decisions
  • Informing others can save lives
  • Non-government, civil defense volunteer network
  • Developed and run by patriots for patriots

Emergency Communications

AmRRon members and other interested prepper parties are encouraged to call the net.  Contact Vic (K0VAB) or Matt (KE0MBB) with your interest and we’ll get you plugged in.  Following are resources to help you:

Download Sedgwick Co. AmRRon 2 Meter Net Script Alternate NCS