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The 52 Crew

One of the more active groups in the Wichita area is the 52 Crew, a group of hams of all ages and all levels of experience from Technician, General and Extra Class Amateur. They can almost always be found on 146.520 FM in the evenings conversing on just about any topic – from the politically incorrect to more technical discussions about radios, antennas, station grounding, HOA’s and more.

52 Crew member KC0IJH
KC0IJH – Jeff

Whether you are a new technician or an experienced operator and you’re looking for local rag chew and nightly discussions then you are in the right place at 146.520 MHz.

I discovered the 52 crew pretty early after getting my Technician license. I was monitoring the 2 meter National Calling Frequency (146.520 MHz) one day when I met Jacob (W9JAG) who informed me of the group and its informal meetings held each Saturday morning at the local candy store (RadioShack in Derby). I began monitoring the evening rag chew that ranged from a friendly teasing to more technical discussions. Since I was new and still learning, I threw out a few questions to the group and was happy to receive some great help from other members. I have since become a regular to the group and meet many face-to-face on Saturday mornings at the “Shack”.

ARC-5I believe we’re real fortunate here in Wichita to have a place for hams to gather and explore the shelves of one of the few RadioShack’s left.  It’s owners, Mark Brecheisen (KBØMOF) and Shawn Hadipour (KBØMNY), open it’s doors to local hams every Saturday morning giving an opportunity to ragchew, share and learn more about the hobby, demonstrate restored radios, meet some interesting people, and down a few doughnuts with a cup of coffee.  If you’re in the area next Saturday morning, stop on by 707 North Baltimore in Derby.

If you’re a new Technician operator or more experienced ham, you’re invited to join in the on-air 52 crew conversation anytime. Don’t be afraid to key the mic and throw out your call sign. Don’t worry about interrupting an ongoing conversation. Just wait for a pause in the conversation and say your call sign. Somebody will most likely recognize you, ask you to introduce yourself and invite you to join in the conversation. This is a friendly group of hams who welcomes everyone to join in. Just relax, be courteous and have fun.

Some of the crazy topics we’ve talked about on 52 include:

  • 52 Crew founder W0ZWS - CoyCrabs
  • Contacting International Space Station with HT
  • Double Bazooka antennas
  • Delta Loop antennas
  • Mike’s Mailbox Dilemma
  • Ms. Piggy
  • Wink and a Nod
  • Robert’s Long-term Unemployment and Job Fairs
  • Coy Getting Stuck on Roof
  • Suggesting to people to Raise left hand and right foot to improve reception.
  • Discussion about the NortonTube and Ferbozo Modulator
  • Heavy technical discussions about various antennas, radios, and other gear
  • Pour, don’t dip
  • COVID-19 Coronavirus
  • KC2IOV, Jeanne Socrates World Record Setting Sail updates
  • The Deplorables
  • Ham radio give-aways to new operators short on funds
  • Remote camera in back of mailbox that “growls”when the door opens.
  • Amputee climbing tower and losing his prosthetic leg, leaving him stranded up the tower.
  • Coy drilling a 3/16 hole in his finger. When Pam put antiseptic cream in the wound, it squirted out the other side
  • Teaching blind people how to solder
  • Gipsy swallowing nuts, bolts, screws, and 20 dollar bills.
  • Coy digs his tower hole about twice the size it needed to be
  • Conversations about our dogs, Gipsy, Trixie, Boomer, Jasper, Toby, Sophie, Jessie, Miss Perfect
  • Politics, politics, and more politics
  • Oreo cookie doggie treats
  • Moe’s lobotomy shots
  • Walt’s terror cat, Garfield
  • Conceal Carry Permits
  • The Streaker outside Moe’s house talking into his hat.
  • Poo and toilet games

Listed below are some of the folks we consider the nightly 52 Crew. There are many others around the area that join in from time to time but these are the more regular… in no particular order.

KC0IJH – Jeff K0DVY – Zack WM0MC – Mike KC0DZP – Rob
W0ZWS – Coy KC0HFL – Bob KE0GAF – Harold KE0KAB – Raeleen
KD0MPB – Todd K0JDH – JD N0EIT – Andrew KC0WHI – Jim
KD5SYQ – Jennifer KC5UNP – Russell W0KRD – Ken KC0MHD – Larry
K0VAB – Vic KC0POW – Gracy KC0WEB – Stewart
KE0IOO – Bill KE0MXH – Cheryl N0JAG – Jacob KC0EMK- David
W0ZZT – Gary KD0LXD – Brad K0NXM – Sterling KD0YLE – Don
KE0IOU – David KE0JYU – Randy K0WDO – Will KE0SCN – Tammy
N1CRA – Clayton N0PXJ – Carl KD0LGT – David
KE0KQN – Jim KB0CYG – Joe KC0VYJ – Robert KD0WAT – Wayne
KD0MXW – Brad N6ZOP – Roger K0BIL – Bill K0BQB – Gary
KE0HOO – Gordon KE0IOM – Peter KE0JNN – Daniel KG7YRC – Tom
K0ZIM – Dennis K5TBO – Terrence N0WHC – Greg N0JHD – Wayne
KC0TI – Charlie W0IPB – Jim W0WKS – Don W0SLH – Mike
W0YYZ – Craig W6APB – Brian KE0PVI – Russell KE0PRB – Dustin
KB0MOF – Mark W5GEH – Glenn KD0KOD – John KE0QPG – Gaylen
N0MUA – David KE0PRB – Dustin K0SRZ – Chris KE0MBB – Matt
KD0GKF – Phillip KE0VII – Doug KE0VIL – Bill KE0TGA – Patricia
K0DLM – Dave W0REM – Rodney NG0K – Andrew KC0UFZ – Greg
N6TOL – Mike N0MUA – Dave KB9TZR – Chad KD0KCM – Mike
W0HR – Mike AE0AS – Mike KD0LAS – Troy N0QIX – Bob
W8LM – Larry KC0ZRY – Pat WD0DXV – Ron KA7SIF – Jon
KE0KAE – Ed KD0LXD – Brad KE0ZUS – Hanna KA0AAM – Dwayne
K0TRN – John KF0APT – Jim K0ZEB – Zeb KC0EMK – Dave
KC0FKI – Chris KF0BFU – Michael KF0CKN – Matt N0NZG – Jeremy
N0LRA – Nelson KF0CZM – Elijah KC4HAY – Ron WA5LSH – Tracie
KW0MEG – Meg W0PSP – Presston KB0UOA – Steve KE0TGU – AC
KF0HQN – Joey KF0HSE – Shawn


Following are Silent Keys

N0RAB – Roland WB0LFH – Harold KB0MOE – Moe (Don)
K0AQB – Walt KD0DNU – Derek