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  1. A. J. Castelli
    January 13, 2021 @ 6:53 am

    Hi Vic,
    The two issues that you want to resolve have easy fixes. I’ve done this with mine and it really functions perfectly.
    Leveling: Cut three lengths of schedule 80 PVC (OD of the PVC to match the ID of the support legs) the length of the support legs. Drill and tap each support leg ¼”x 20 about 1½” from ground contact end of the support. Use ¼” x 20 x1″ bolts.
    Securing: This is a little bit of a challenge because it requires you to drill the PVC at an angle that matches the angle of the support legs, mine was 30°. You will need to do the math as to the location of the holes. Drill a 9/16″ through each section of PVC. use 3 tie wall spikes to pass through the holes once the base has been assembled.
    Hope to catch you on the air.


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